Eagles of the World

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There are over 9 900 bird spices in the world and 64 of them are eagles.

1. Scientific classification

Order Family   Number of spies


Pandionidae Osprey 1
Accipitridae: Hawks, Vultures, Eagles 251


2. Physical characteristics and behavior:
  • Sea or Fish eagles
    Eagles that live on the forested shores of lakes, rivers, and oceans from the Arctic Circle to the tropics, excluding South America.
    Their diet  fish, alive or as carrion. 
  • Snake or Serpent eagle
    Smaller than other eagles.
    Hunt the savannas and forests of tropical Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.
  • Booted or True Eagles
    Got their name because their legs are feathered right down to their ankles.
    This group contains the most species and numbers.
  • Harpy or Buteonine Eagles
    A group of six that lives in the tropical forests of South America, Mexico, New Guinea, and the Philippines.


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Eagle-72 is a non-profit-making association in Sweden, with the goal to conserve a vigorous eagle population in Scandinavia.
In order to fulfill this goal Eagle-72 wants:
  • to carry out organized feeding of eagles during the winter time.
  • to carry out colored-ring marking of golden eagles in order to increase the knowledge of their life.
  • through other actions contribute in the return of eagles to their old breeding places, mainly in the western parts of Sweden
  • to create a golden eagle net work between people and organizations in Scandinavia in order to increase the knowledge about the eagles 
  • inform the general public about the situation for the eagles and other birds of prey in Scandinavia, in order to increase the interest to conserve the birds for the future.

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