Annual meeting 2011

This years annual meeting will be held the 12 of November at Fristads Folkhögskola.

Feeding season 2010-11

This winters feeding has now been finished. The result is currently collected and will be presented as soon as everything is in place

 Important decision on the annual meeting

On the annual meeting the decision was taken to give up those feeding places which mainly feed white tailed eagles. In the future we shall focus on winter feeding of golden eagles. This means the planned number of feeding places will decrease from 13 (last season) to 9 this season.

The main reason are:

  1. The white tailed eagle population has develope very well for several years now and still is.

  2. We get reports that the increasing population of white tailed eagles may have a negative impact on other bird species.

  3. The golden eagle population in the north of Sweden (the main population) have had bad breeding success the last years. Illegal hunting of golden eagles also exists. The winter feeding of golden eagles can very well be the reason for the population still beeing as good as it is.

  4. We can forsee problem to get enough food to our feeding places in the future.

Kungsörnen 2010

The annual magazine, Kungsörnen 2010, was released in December.

SWAROVSKI helps Eagle72

Thanks to SWAROVSKI we have, together with Falbygdens Bird Club, got a trailer with cover to use for food transportation. The trailer is owned by Swarovski and is stationed at Rolf Grahm in Falköping

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