Eagle72 - Economy 


Our work is financed through contributions from organizations and single persons.
A very important part is the payment from our supporting members and sponsors. During the last years the number of supporting members have increased and are now our greatest income.
Besides there is an income from our sales (page in Swedish only).

Summary of the season 2009-10

The cost for the season were 261 690 SEK and the income 265 137 SEK.
The result after the season is an excess of 3 447 SEK.
During the season 41 579 SEK were transferred to the Eagle Fund (mainly a large inheritance) and the payments were 18 414 SEK.
The assets at the end of the season are 237 285, divided into 94 989 SEK for Eagle72 and 142 279 SEK in the Eagle Fund.
Compensation for the feeding work was 13 SEK per 10 km (driving car) and 17 SEK per 10 km (driving car with trailer).